Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie with Flat design

Designed by UI designer Jinesh Shah, Android version 5.0 Key Lime Pie is warmly welcomed by Android fans.

After iOS 7 release with improved GUI to satisfy Apple fans, now Android users are waiting for Google to release Android version 5.0 Key Lime Pie. Rumor has it that Google will release Android 5.0 at Google I/O, however, it is not true and this operating system is still a mystery to Android users.

Based on the leaking information, rumors and related assessments, Jinesh Shah has released his version of Android 5.0 with many interesting features.

android applications

This concept optimizes capabilities of Android OS

From the lock screen, users can gain access to voice search widget and Google Now widget, which is scrollable and integrated with the default Notifications window. The lock screen of Shah’s design is much more convenient than Android lock screen. Moreover, he improves the look of the operating system by making more toolbars as well as beautifully designed watches.

android applications

Transparent tool bar and redesigned Clock widget

Notifications window now displays less information depending on user’s settings. This will help Android users monitor screen more easily without having to pull up the notification window as before.

android applications

Smaller Notification bar

android applications

When fully pull down the notification bar, the widget is automatically moved to two sides

In addition, the design of Shah also provides users with multitasking feature. It is not really different from Android version 4.1 apart from the card being placed on the right instead of the left. Shah still makes use of horizontal swipe to turn off the app.

android applications

Multitasking feature

With phone dialer, card style is used to help the user keep track of more information in the phonebook. Voice call recognition feature is integrated into this concept. Keyboard also redesigned with flat style.

android applications

Redesigned keypad with voice control

android applications

Card based contacts display more information and update most frequently used contacts

android applications

Organize contacts by group in cards

Photo gallery is also designed with card style and sorted by time and divided into different folders. This interface allows users to quickly gain access favorite subjects, as well as streamlined the images in smartphones.

android applications

Photo gallery interface is carefully designed in card style and thumbnail display and images are divided by date.

In general, Shah’s concept optimizes Android capabilities and it shows that card style is suitable for mobile OS. This Flat design and a number of features makes many people think of iOS 7 or BlackBerry 10. Perhaps this is a new beginning step for Android before directly get compete with iOS 7 .

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